I had so much hope in Leah Labelle after Sexify and Lolita.


August Alsina - No Love (remix)


August Alsina - No Love (remix)
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I miss being in love. I miss the feeling you get where you can finally breath properly, and the music makes sense. There is just something special when you think of a person and realize that they have made you feel a certain way that may not be attainable by another human being. This is what I miss most about the relationship that is now gone, separated by thousands upon thousands of miles. This love has made me realize, my biggest fear in this life is the fear of never being able to feel love like that again. The strange thing about love though, you don’t exactly realize how much the feeling has affected you until you have fallen out of it.

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Lol jungle—gardenia I had to make it.
I felt like nobody was going give that look any justice.

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 He’s honestly the best of Magic

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*tries to take a selfie* deletes 253 photos and keeps 0

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*prays that I instantly become hot at 18*

*ok let’s shoot for 21*

*…there’s still 30. maybe 30 will work out*

I feel like 25 will be it tbh.

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liamdunbarsss !!!!!! Of course I STAN!!!!! brandynorwoods

Bang Bang

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